Home to the vast majority of Hawaii’s greater population, the immaculate abundance of Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Drawing close to nearly 5 million tourists annually The island lives up to its common aura, ‘The gathering place’, with the destination appealing to so many travellers for a variety of reasons. some are drawn here because of the strong surf culture of the north shore, others because of its natural beauty but to everybody, it is an escape and a surreal oasis for those visiting. Oahu lives and breathes authenticity, culture and thrives on its spectacular commitment to utilising its natural beauty for tourism. While the capital Honolulu, home to the famous Waikiki beach offers more than the heart could desire, venturing off the beaten track provides one with a culture shock, stunning landscapes and the diverse array of attractions that flourish among the island.

Lanikai Lust

The 5am alarm you won’t regret setting. Oahu’s breathtaking Lanikai pillbox hike, that rewards you with immaculate scenery and tranquillity.

From army observation stations to picturesque serenity. The cemented squares of history that once aided the American military that now serves as a matchless view, with a touch of heritage.

While Oahu has gained quite the reputation for its beautiful landmarks and astonishing beaches, it’s no wonder this small island nestled in the Pacific has always been and continues to be a ‘go to’ holiday destination for many, and with beautiful trails like this, it’s for good reason.

The Lanikai Pillbox hike was an adventure that really stood out for me on this holiday, not just because of the mind-blowing views and picturesque landscapes its offered, but because of the experience, it brought to me. It took some convincing but forcing my old man to wake up at 4:30 am to drive us to the other side of the island all in all really wasn’t that bad of an idea, at least from his perspective.

For me, having travelled here previously I’ve managed to tick off the majority of the touristy activities one would do while in Oahu, from indulging in all the American fast food I could consume to Snorkelling with turtles at Hanauma Bay. And while I was still excited to redo those antics this time around, I predominantly sought to experience some of the more off the map locations the island had to offer.

Located just over a 30-minute drive out of Waikiki, The Short yet steep hike can be completed by almost anyone including amateur hikers with decent footwear, although I can confirm that my eager 17-year-old self with grip-less vans managed to do it without any grazes, just sore shoulders from carrying my camera gear.

At the top you’ll be greeted with potentially one of the best sunrises you will have ever seen, and if you’re eager enough to embark on the early wakeup, you’ll be met by this experience, minus the potential of flocking tourists, just greeted by locals who are similarly taking advantage of their surroundings. The top of the military pillboxes serves as a great vantage point to fully embrace the moment, whether that be peacefully watching glistening sea flourish around Mokulua islands or frantically clicking your shutter button in the hopes of capturing that money shot, each to their own I suppose.

The aqua sea at the footstep of the clifftop also serves as a great way to cool off once you disembark on your journey. Like natures caffeine, a dip in this water is how you want to start your day!

The Lanikai Region including the hike is a must do if you ever found yourself wound up in Hawaii. It’s important to always leave time for the natural beauty foreign places have to offer and not get caught up within the mediocre tourist regime. Hire a car, moped, take the bus or even hitch a lift, this adventure is a must do and the experiences will permeate forever. Good luck adventuring!

Check out the full holiday on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohfaCYn0ws0&t=71s
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Mahalo – Jack Poeltl